Saturday, October 11, 2008

Turkey Day 2008!

Rob and I have taken to calling Thanksgiving Turkey Day. Why? I think it's because the only thing really required on this holiday is the roasting and eating of the bird. Easter requires children hunting for eggs and, well, we won't even go into Christmas. This year I am almost completely off the hook for cooking, save one chocolate-caramel-pecan cheesecake. My neighbour is making us dinner tonight, and even made Rob a (genuine - from scratch) cherry pie. He will be so pleased when he finds out. Then Monday we are off to visit family for more turkey. Perhaps even a jaunt to a pumpkin farm.

The kids are excited, the weather looks great, and we bought each of the kids a pair of headphones to go with the DVD player in the car. It may turn out to be the loveliest weekend all year!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Betty Rigg said...

Happy Thanksgiving