Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It was fabulous!

Our local Y has a home school class. I found out about it a few weeks ago and totally flaked on it last week, forgetting its mere existence. We love our Y. I have been to a few different locations but this one is great. Every class or activity our family has been involved in has been top notch. I should have known we would love the home school class too.

I wasn't sure what to expect. We had avoided a few local groups in the past simply because my kids were young and the activities are usually geared towards 6 and up. Today there were approximately 10 kids. Ranging from a few preschoolers to teenagers. The instructor sectioned the gym off and the older kids played wheelchair basketball and the younger ones played floor hockey. Alex participated in both.

This is why I love home schooling. The kids. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Okay, not to knock the general population but we attend the Y open gym on weekends. It is utter chaos. Fun, for sure, but quite unruly. Alex had his first introduction to cliques and bullying during these open play sessions. It was a real eye opener.

Today, when I saw all these people file into the gym, my first thought was huh, I have doubts about this being a good fit. Was I wrong! The instructor (who my kids fell in love with instantly) settled them into wheel chairs and had the group play freeze tag. A few parents participated too. The older kids were so great with the younger ones. I was beaming when the teenagers would make sure Alex got his turn with the ball. Or when one of the preteens took Izzy by the hand and brought her into a game. These weren't extraordinary kids. They were just kids used to being around all different age groups. It was co-operative and fun. Everyone wanted to be there. No one felt left out or bored. Just seeing the way the adults interacted with the teens (and the reciprocal respect) moved me. There was such a great feeling among the participants.

We have a new favourite class. The kids were begging to go back as soon as we left the building.

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