Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 More Sleeps!

...until Halloween. Just pulled out the costumes and started decorating today. Rob and I were in for quite a shock when we finally found Izzy's chicken costume. It is the one Alex wore when he was younger, the Halloween right before (4 days, in fact) his sister was born. Anyway, we pulled it out and it looked kind of big. We checked the label and it was a 5T!!! The boy was only 2 years and 8 months old, and he wore size 5T. Izzy just got to a size 3. Mind you, we should have known. She is barely 25lbs and Alex weighed that before his first birthday. He is gonna be huge! I just measured him for his passport application and he is 4'2" already. His Darth Vader costume is a size 7/8. Luckily we can make the top part of the chicken work because we have hyped it up so much, we would have been completely done in if she couldn't wear it. The pants come up past her neck, lol, so we will just substitute with some orange track pants which, amazingly, we already had in her size (thanks to more of Alex's hand-me-downs). Crisis averted.

We did the pumpkins tonight too. Here are the kids:


...and after!

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