Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poor, neglected computer...

It's been a heck of a week. Aunt Kelly graduated with her Master's Degree!!! Whoohoo! We are so proud of you, as always! :-)

Unfortunately, poor Rob was called back home early from the celebration to come tend to his children and very sick wife. I don't know what happened but it was the worst 12 hours of my life. Well, actually the week I had Norwalk was probably the worst being that Rob had just left me alone with a newborn and toddler, but I digress...

It started around 2 am and didn't stop until later that afternoon. Thankfully the kids are scarily independent. Alex helped with Izzy and they hung out on the floor in my room watching toons and playing games. What ever it was, food poisoning or some intestinal virus, it was relatively short lived and no one else got sick. I get a little germ crazy when anyone is sick. The sick person confines him or herself to one bathroom, there is a complete embargo on kisses and shared food/drink, everyone gets new toothbrushes and my appeals for hand-washing border on obsessive-compulsive.

Luckily this didn't impede Alex's trip to the symphony with Heather. While both kids couldn't go to the University Convocation, Izzy couldn't go the Symphony. Rather than find a sitter, I asked our dear friend to accompany Alex to the concert while Iz and I did some shopping. The concert was part of a series for children, this one called The Search for the Magic of Music. I am really excited to go next month to see Beethoven Lives Upstairs. We bought tickets for the whole series. It has renewed interest, for myself and a lot of my friends, in the symphony and I hope to make a night of it soon.

Life is getting back to normal. We will be leaving shortly for gym class and tonight Alex is officially inducted into Beavers. Pictures, of course, to follow.

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