Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cheers and Jeers!

I have been trying to get downstairs to the computer for days now. Rob got me a little EEEpc to roam around the house with and while it is more than adequate to check email or tool around online, I can't get to my photos unless I use the big one downstairs.

Looking back on the week I can only shake my head at the erratic adventure I can only call my life. I thought about that old column they used to put in magazines, yay to this and nay to that. Feels like something I can work with. Here is a sampling of where the last week took me:

Happy to have finally decided on, and ordered, Alex's math curriculum. Couldn't decide between Singapore and Miquon so I chose both. Feeling pretty Mathy this week.

Sad to cope with a break-up in the family and the way it is being handled.

Group lessons and activities are going really well. This week I actually recognized what Alex's art project was supposed to be, lol! Sad that I partially goofed on arrangements for a hs activity and left a few families out in the cold. This is difficult for fastidious, perfectionists like me.

Happy to be, love, love having my own car...but a bit sad that I actually seem to have less time alone. Will need to reevaluate schedule soon to carve out mommy-only time.

Thrilled Thanksgiving, Halloween and Izzy's birthday are almost here. Stunned at how little on my weekend list is getting done with no reprieve in sight. Sometimes time moves too quickly.

Bad week on condo board followed by great week on condo board. For something I absolutely did not want to be on I seem to have taken a lead role in it and, thankfully, good changes are happening. Phew!!!

Happy that within a month I have a preschooler and my baby/toddler days will be naught but memories! (Smiling too much at this thought.) Annoyed that Izzy can't stop talking about her birthday and what she wants (really, I can't remember Alex bugging us for so many presents) and sad that I forgot the terrible 2's are nothing to the, shall we call it, more challenging 3's.

Lastly, YAY for politics! Canadian and American, though I am much more enraptured by the political process with our Southern neighbours. This feels exciting and big. Even Alex can't stop talking about Obama. Sadly, Nay for poor Robbie who hates this whole process, is sick to death of CNN, and can't wait for it to be over. He's just happy that I don't want to go into local politics myself, though he wouldn't put a lot of money on me sitting on the sidelines forever. Lucky for him home schooling takes up too much of my time as it is.

That, my friends, is a small morsel of the way things were this week.

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