Friday, October 3, 2008

Fathers and sons

We had a good thing happen this week, which, sadly came out of a very negative incident. It involved issues that can be very difficult for parents to handle. Normally, just due to logistics (I am home all the time, Rob isn't) I handle many of the big talks. We are a very open family and I hope that the kids feel comfortable coming to us. This talk was a little different and I wasn't making much headway with Alex.

Then daddy came home from work. I talked to Rob privately and asked him to have a man-to-man chat with Alex. He did...and all I can say was wow! They talked and Alex was open and receptive. A new bond was forged. Rob and Alex tend to butt heads frequently over Alex's (mistaken) perception that I am President and Daddy is just my VP. It isn't really surprising as I am with him all the time and he sees me making many of the family decisions.

This pleases me to no end. As the kids get older I try harder to get out of the way of their relationship with their dad. It isn't always easy for Rob or the kids. When you spend so much time together there is an ease between each person. Sometimes Rob feels like the outsider and he can't fall back on all the "tricks" I use. This was nice. I love watching the kids develop a stronger relationship with their dad, outside of the one with me.

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