Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pyjama Math

It seems that whenever I [a] have not tidied the hall entryway of strewn shoes and shopping bags and [b] am still in my pyjamas and [c] in the middle of a lesson with Alex, I become the most popular person around. A visit from neighbours, an impromptu meeting with a fellow board member, phone calls from a friend, the dentist's office, my husband and, of course, a wrong number - all within the span of an hour and a half. So much for my relaxing morning.

We broke into the math this morning. Luckily we managed two chapters before the influx of people and phone calls. We are starting with Singapore math, simply because the last half of my order (which will include the first few books for Miquon) has not arrived yet. The Primary Mathematics 1A that we started on seem to be an easy refresher for Alex. He is zipping through the material because he and I have been discussing addition and subtraction on and off for a while now. I can't imagine it will take him very long to get through this, short of not actually picking up the books at all. I thought I would wind up with enough material to get him through to third grade math (although comparisons with the Ontario curriculum are hard to make because the approach is different), I know it couldn't possibly take Alex three years to complete all this.

It was a nice start to the morning. Still in our pjs, in my nice and toasty bedroom (gosh we love that little electric fireplace), going over the math work. I feel like we could be up and dressed, at the kitchen table but then I would really miss our odd approach to education. Anyway, I think the neighbours are used to us not being dressed early on the days they catch us home.

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