Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, to be so joyful and free!

Is there anything in the world as glorious as the pure, unadulterated bliss children possess over the simplest things in life?

Take yesterday, for example, when it snowed with that wet, slushy, messy weather - compounded by gale force winds that make all the adults shivery and not just a little bit grumpy. After all, we know its too soon to break out the winter coats seeing the temperature will go up tomorrow. Or so we hope as said coats are also crammed in the trunk and will be rushed to a dry cleaners asap because you forgot to do it earlier. Traffic, of course, slows to a crawl everywhere you go, and it seems you are not the only one at the store who decided now would be a good time to pick up some winter boots for the kids. Actually, you are one of a crowd that is eerily reminiscent of the hordes of Christmas shoppers who will descend upon the malls directly after Remembrance Day. Only then do you remember you face months of scrunching, tucking and fussing over puffy winter coats that don't conform to car seats, missing hats and gloves that fight against the invasion of tiny little fingers.

And what are the little imps doing while you mutter silent curses about the weather under your breath? They are running around in circles, catching flakes with their tongues. Singing, heaven help me, Christmas songs and asking me how much longer they have to wait before they can break out the toboggan. They are thrilled right to the core of their itty bitty little beings.

I must admit, it is all a little infectious. I push aside my gripes over weather I still insist must not be mentally prepared for until after Halloween - at least and, beyond all reason, get a little excited myself.

If nothing else, the look on the waitresses face at Denny's last night was worth being subjected to the exuberance from my little munchkins. When asked how the weather was outside, Alex exclaimed, "It's snowing! Winter is finally coming! Isn't that wonderful! I am sooo happpy!" I guess my kids' enthusiasm can only spread so far, for she indeed did not look at all thrilled that winter was coming and could only shake her head at him. He didn't notice though. He was too busy discussing the merits of winter with Izzy.

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