Friday, October 24, 2008

So proud of Miss Iz!

Alex had a check up and teeth cleaning with the dentist today. I called the office and squeezed Izzy into her first appointment. She'll be 3 in a few weeks and I think that was the age I took Alex in to his first dental visit. I wasn't overly concerned about how she would fair after seeing how they managed Alex. We go to a pediatric dentist in a very small office. Only one dentist, hygienist and receptionist work there. They are so good with the kids. They will only do as much as the child allows and will cut short visits that stress anyone out. They want to set up a positive experience so the kids never fear going in.

Alex went in first. After his x-rays, the hygienist came to claim Izzy so she could watch the rest of Alex's appointment, to help her feel more at ease. Parents aren't allowed past reception. I've never even seen the back rooms. They feel they can develop an easier rapport without the parents hanging over the children. Well, Miss Izzy walked right in, chatting quite a bit with everyone in back. She didn't even hesitate or look back at me. The dentist got a good look at her teeth and she even had them cleaned (though she refused to sit in the chair and they did it with her standing up, lol).

I am amazed with this kid and very impressed with the staff. Izzy can still be quite shy around strangers and very clingy when people try to touch her. She went in without coercing, mostly cooperated and came out with a big smile on her face.

I tend to gripe about these dental appointments for the kids because pediatric dentistry is more expensive than your regular dentist and because this dentist makes you pay in advance (no electronic claims) but when I see how well the kids are treated and how happy they are, I see what a great deal we are getting after all. Alex's first dental experience was a disaster and I only have bad memories from my childhood dentist. This is worth the few extra bucks.

For the record both kids had a clean bill of health - no cavities! Alex is going back in a few months to seal his molars and Izzy is cool for another six months.

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