Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Is it an age thing? A busy parent thing? You know, that weird feeling that life is passing by too quickly. When people ask what you've been up to you can't answer...though you know you've been busy. Too busy.

I actually had to look at my date book to remember what we've been up to. Sad, I know. There were all the lessons. A day trip to visit my nieces and nephew. Monday we went on a hike through the Marsh with some friends. That is Alex in the photo holding a toad. More than 2 kilometres were trekked that morning. No wonder the little ones were complaining, lol. That same afternoon we made a quick trip into the city to wish our dear friend "Feather" a happy birthday. As Alex remarked in the car, she looks darn good for 14!

This week looks to end up with more of the same. A few more classes, our biweekly pilgrimage to the library and more visits with friends. It would be nice to stay home this weekend. I have an awful lot of stuff around the house I would like to get done. Okay, not like to do but have to do. I am already 5 months behind on my Spring cleaning. To quote another smart home schooling mamma, "It's not cluttered, it's lived in!"

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