Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woohoo! Art Class is Back :-)

With art class comes comic relief...at least where Alex is concerned. Last year he started with a self portrait that looked like a person who had been shot in the head. This year his portrait is another classic. Granted, he is a year older and more, er, less mature. May I introduce Butt Man!

My favourite part of class was when he looked over at his buddy Q's work (a very talented child with a pretty fantastic dinosaur) and said, "Hey Q, that is really great. It is almost as good as mine!", LOL!

Here is Izzy's. I helped. Can you tell? Ha! The child was refusing to do any work and I had just paid for her to take this one single class. (It is normally during school hours but this staggered entrance left today open.) I said I had paid for the materials and we were taking something home to put on the wall. I'm such a good mommy ;-)


Angela said...

Lol! Cute drawings! I peeked at the one from last September and had a good laugh late at night. :)

Kelly said...

Masterpieces, both of them! I love children's art. I wish Dylan were more interested in it, but he just wants to turn every single art activity into some sort of depiction of an explosion (or eruption, if he's feeling more into natural disasters instead of man-made destruction).

Me and My Ducklings said...

I love their artwork! (And I so would have said something similar about how I paid for the materials and they were going to use them. :) )

M.J. said...

It has been an interesting experience. My kids are not artists but this hs art class I set up with a local gallery has made then more interested. Kelly's comment reminded me of one project last year. The kids (about a dozen of them) did a larger mural. The girls were on one side, working together, drawing houses and gardens. The boys started with planes over head and then drew bombs dropping and exploding. Finally we divided them and sent the boys to a no-fly zone on the wall. Half the drawing was a giant mess of squiggles while the girls turned the bombs back into floating flowers.