Friday, September 11, 2009

What can I say? I'm a BLITZ blogger!

I usually have a lot to say. I don't always have the time to say it. This is why I post several blogs in one day. I like to sit at the computer for a few hours and just get it all out there. In the interest of time, I am just going to do another week in the life through photos.

We made lop-sided houses, a helicopter and marshmallow men with mini, fruity marshmallows (stale and on sale for 25 cents) and tooth picks.

We stole our friend J's cake decorating idea and made a birthday caterpillar for my niece's birthday.

Izzy rediscovered puzzles and she is really, really good at them.

I made some lemon and lemon cherry bread. Everyone *LOVES* this bread, which is actually a cake recipe that I fiddle with. Sometimes I add poppy seeds, sometimes blueberries. Really anything I just have in the kitchen. Recipe is found at Martha Stewart's site. Oh, and I've made it as the cake too, with the lemon curd and and fruit. To. Die. For.

Alex took the left over lemons and made himself some lemonaide.

Alex started his week long stint as a pioneer student at Black Creek Village.

Rob took Tuesday off to meet the teacher at Izzy's JK intake interview.

She looks so tiny at the school. Plus it is a pretty small school!

Mrs. F-T even handed out homework for the first day in. Cut out pictures of your favourite foods and glue them to a piece of paper. Check out mommy's little perfectionist! The pictures were pretty good squares and they had to be neatly arranged in rows.

She wrote her name on the back. Not bad for a kid who isn't 4 until November.

We picked some tomatoes and made more bruschetta.

Packed a special *Mommy & Izzy Day* picnic, including the cupcakes Izzy made and decorated that morning.

Took the babies for a stroll along the waterfront trail in Whitby.

Found some great stones to skip on the water.

Came back to Heydenshore Park the next night, this time with Daddy, Alex and a bucket of KFC chicken in tow. Had a nice family picnic along a pretty stretch of vacant beach. Found a table mere inches from the water on the rocky shore. The children chased the seagulls from the table and we took a walk down the pier.

Took Izzy to her first real day at school.

She lined up with all the other kids and smiled. A few seconds later she realized she was waving good-bye and would be entering the building sans parental units. There was a little panic and hesitation. I knew she would cry a bit and prayed it would be short lived. I walked back down the path and waited for a friend away from the window so we couldn't see each other. It was hard enough. Thankfully the day turned out well for her.


Meredith said...

I like your blitz approach -- I'm sure I'll be doing it the same way after a few months of blogging. Izzy looks so happy on her way to school!

M.J. said...

Thanks. I find it easier to just put it all down at once. Plus I love getting the pics up. Now I take the camera everywhere,lol!