Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3rd...

...and I am already tired! Izzy has been a bear the last few days. First day of school jitters are wearing us all down. Iz is stressed but still wants to go. Mostly. Today we went to the school to check the class lists. Her friend (and classmate) M came with us. They wandered the halls, drank from the fountain and found their names on the Kindergarten door. Alex requested to stay home and sat and read on a neighbour's porch. Apparently he isn't even curious about school, lol. Her class is Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 11:15am. 19 kids in the class, 11 boys and 8 girls.

We've been cleaning and organizing the whole house, literally top to bottom. Plus, doing some Fall tidying and maintenance. My calendar is filling up at a break-neck speed. Aside from the whole first week of school/driving Alex to friend's for a drop-off and pick-up (so he can head into the city with them), I have meetings, interviews and lots of other stuff next week. But, this weekend I have to bake a cake for neice's birthday, attend neighbourhood Labour Day bbq, teach Alex the words to God Save The Queen, teach him to square dance, introduce him to the concept of a spelling bee, bake homemade lunches for pioneer week...and the list goes on.

Apparently the race is on. Away we go!

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