Thursday, September 3, 2009

I was thisclose to calling it all off!

Well, sort of. Izzy has been so 'bad' the last few days that she has us pulling our hair out. Especially after having a good few weeks. She is scared and stressed and venting it out as anger towards us. This morning she came into bed and said, "I changed my mind. I am not going to school. I am going to the pioneer village with Alex." I explained that it was too late for the poineer village. She wasn't signed up and had no costume, etc. We talked about first day of school jitters. Poor thing is getting herself all worked up.

I said if she really doesn't want to go we will un-enroll her but that means no school for the whole year. If she goes and it isn't for her, she can quit at Christmas. Now, what I didn't tell her is that if she was really stressed and doing horribly I would pull her out sooner. I just think waiting until Christmas really gives the class a real shot and we get a better idea of how she is doing. Now, when we get to grade one and beyond, they will be stuck the whole year if they make that commitment. School is not there at their beck and call. I don't want to abuse the system with whims.

It was super tempting to just tell her she wasn't going. I do want her home. She is learning a lot right now. I also think she will enjoy school and just needs to face her fears first. In fact, after we took a walk to the school this afternoon, she seemed more at ease after walking the halls.

My gut said she just wanted reassurance. I hope it was right.

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