Friday, March 6, 2009

Something is very wrong...

...with home schooling. It is going too well. I know it can't last. Soon, I'll be worrying about not doing enough. Socializing too much. Preparing too little.

Just this week alone we have accomplished:

Piano practice every day.

Two math lessons, with corresponding work sheets four out of the last five days.

Read all of the library books over a week before they are all due back.

Had a discussion and read books about Black History month. We only missed February by a few days.

Had lessons on grammar and etymology.

Learned about weather and did corresponding art projects.

Did experiment and written work discussing porous and non-porous materials.

Played with hours of Lego, following construction plans.

Did some spelling work and tests with the Dolch sight words.

Worked with the kids on writing, Alex working on lowercase and Izzy, her name.

Coloured and painted.

Worked on a comic book.

Played with Architectural stamps.

Throw is some preplanned group activities and a birthday party and wow, we did a lot. It was a great week. I think I can contribute this to four things. We are all healthy now (knock on wood), the kitchen reno is no longer occupying all our time and attention, we canceled the cable and the sun has been kinder to us lately. Our proverbial stars are all aligned just right. It is very nice.

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