Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Girl

We told Izzy she could go to school if she wants to. She's thrilled. Although I notice her being more loving and clingy with me. I mean, when she sees the kids outside or we're out and about, she is still off without a backwards glance. Its just that when we are home, she wants to snuggle a little more. I can't help but wonder if she is a little stressed inside and just needs to feel physically connected. Or she's just consoling mommy, lol. She has been much more affectionate than she has been in the past.

I vacillate between being proud & happy for her and sad & terrified. It is sinking in though but I think we'll make it work just fine.

After the March break we'll go in to meet the Principal and do the whole pre-registration thing. I have someone on the inside (with the JK/SK classes) who has been impressed with how we homeschool and she has been talking up a storm about Izzy to the teachers. They look forward to meeting us. I hope I can foster a team environment during Izzy's time at this school. I am so used to bearing to sole brunt of responsibility for Alex's education that it will be strange to give some of that power over for Izzy's. I won't get in the way. I just plan on being a very involved parent. I think she'll be a little ahead of the curve when she starts. Or so I've been told by some parents with kids in JK right now.

We're in for an exciting year. Fingers crossed that its a good one.

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