Friday, March 6, 2009

Alex's Birthday, Part 2

Much less fanfare on the actual birthday. The day went a little like this:

Woke up and had Alex open his big present before daddy left for work. We all crowded on my bed while he opened his Batman Batcave LEGO set. Over 1000 pieces.

Said our good-byes to Rob and then went to make Alex his breakfast request. Chocolate chip and banana pancakes (minus the banana as Izzy ate the last one before we made it to the kitchen) in animal shapes. Mommy is so talented, lol.

Then we took turns reading, a few chapters each, of our new favourite book, the Phantom Tollbooth. How have I never read this one? It was a birthday gift from his best friend L and her little brother.

We spent a few hours playing with our latest addiction, er, addition to the Wii. I won't say how many hours have been logged on with this game. Let's just say that I've never played with the Wii this much and Alex has racked up more game time than he has in the last six months. To be fair, we actually don't play video games that often and for my own peace of mind the kids have spent as much or more time doing school work. We just haven't socialized a lot these last two days. As Rob would say, Meh.

Later in the afternoon we broke out the new LEGO. For a hard-core junkie like Alex, is was total bliss. I think his largest kit to date only had a few hundred pieces, so this is a big deal. I let him have at it on his own for the first little while. When he needed a break (read: mommy was concerned about his level of fixation), I sent him down to the computer and I sorted the pieces out for him by colour and size. We built a few of the vehicles and left the cave for another day.

I finally peeled him away to go to the grocery store. We came home, ate one of his favourite dishes (beef strauganoff) and then some brownies for dessert.

He crashed pretty quickly last night but when I went to the washroom around 5:30am I saw a light in his room and heard the sounds of hands rummaging through LEGO bits. Poor little obsessed kidlet. Apparently, he just hadn't had his fill.


Jules said...

Did you send Alex away so that you could sort (read: play) with his new lego?!? Shocked!

M.J. said...

Play...pfff...I wish. That was a lot of damn lego to sort. It came in 11 or 12 separate bags and I begged him to sort each bag as he opened them. Instead he makes a giant pile then freaks because he can't find a two piece black brick. This "new" lego is much more complicated than our old stuff.

Lindz said...

I have been playing Lego Batman for Xbox 360 all week... I know how that goes!