Friday, March 6, 2009

Scowel Girl and Captain Oblivious

If my children were super heroes, that is what they would be called. Sure, I'll add the disclaimer that I adore my kids. Love them to death. Wouldn't, couldn't, (shouldn't?) imagine my life without them. Still, they have their moments.

Like whenver Izzy wakes up from a nap or doesn't get a nap...which is generally every day around mid-afternoon...she looks a little like this:

Add throwing dollies with screaming and/or whining for food and you get a more complete picture.

And then there is the boy. He is sweet, kind and never throws things at me after he naps. Not that he naps anymore but in the past he was most polite after a rest. No, his power is the ability to forget anything I say to him within mere seconds. He says I repeat myself a lot these days. "I know, I know!", he declares, but I know that though he is frustrated with my third bark of orders that it was actually my tenth and he conveniently missed the other seven.

I don't know why I felt compelled to write this. Maybe because Izzy is yelling at me from the top of the stairs about us being out of cupcakes (from the party on Monday) and Alex was sent upstairs to fetch me something but can be heard goofing off in the living room. Huh.

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