Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love raising readers!

I am so happy the kidlets are as obsessed with books as we are. Izzy is forever hounding me with her board books and early readers. And Alex? That kid has one insatiable appetite. In the last few days he has reread one of his Calvin and Hobbes anthologies and devoured the following: Questions & Answers about Inventors; Knights & Castles; Knight's handbook; Wonders of Weather; Smart-Opedia; Why?; DK Dinosaurs; The World Almanac for Kids; and Mega Book of Ships. That doesn't even include the ones he reads to me (lately of The Magic Treehouse variety) or I read to him. We're still trying to knock off The Phantom Tollbooth but got distracted by LEGO, on the Wii and in its pure form.

Incidentally, I was reading somewhere that the Tollbooth book is for ages 8-12 and the earliest grade it is introduced to children in school is about grade 4/5. Alex is getting on very nicely for a munchkin who'd only be SK right now. I'd say I only help him with 2/3 words every few pages and there are some big words in that book. Even then, he rarely makes the same mistake twice. Go Alex!

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Stephanie said...

It's so exciting to watch them want to master reading.
Anything, for that matter!