Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well Rounded Kids

Posting about the kids art class got me thinking. I love art but really wouldn't call myself artistic. I love music but can't sing at all (Rob's says it isn't truly tone-deafness just a genuine lack of talent...nice guy, eh? LOL).

So, I've started asking myself the question, what will make the kids well-rounded and how much effort should I really put into it? By that I mean what will I really require my kids to pursue and to what degree.

I an a big proponent of child-led learning. I am also of the opinion that a variety oft ideas, situations and opportunities must come across the path of these homeschooled children - and that rarely happens spontaneously.

The arts are very important to me. I think good music and art are food for the soul. I would like to help them acquire an appreciation and understanding, to whatever level they choose. There will be music lessons, art classes and trips to concerts and museums.

Physical education is a no-brainer but we do not go about this in the way schools do. Or at least did, back in my day. Alex isn't big on group sports. He gets a little over excited and his attention span wanes quickly. He also does not have a competitive spirit. He has shown an interest in tennis, and (hopefully) will take it up next summer with Rob. He runs, swims, hikes and dances. Izzy is more interested in group sports. She loves the to work out the rules of the game. She loves that everyone has a part. So we'll find homeschool gym classes, take swim lessons and hopefully teach the kids how to skate. Whatever they do, I just want to see them carry it forward to adulthood. Good physical health habits will stay with them for life.

I want to give them opportunities to try out things they like. It wouldn't hurt to have them try out new experiences, even those they aren't necessarily drawn to.

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