Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not the best start!

Last week the kids were a little off, health-wise. Odd bouts of lethargy and short run fevers. We had hoped it was all behind us but, of course, that would be too easy. After a lovely weekend away at a family wedding (complete with hotel stay - always a favorite with the kids, especially when there are two doors into the bathroom leading to endless circular chases) a cold came rearing its ugly head. Sure enough, the night before our first homeschool art class at the gallery, Alex is in rough shape. We wound up going. By the time it we were piling into the car Alex was a bit better. He and I had an agreement that we wouldn't decide if he would stay in the class until we actually got there and assessed how he felt. I wanted to go to pay for our spots and, hopefully, drop Izzy off with her friends if I couldn't stay with Alex. I also organized the whole affair and didn't want to be a complete no-show. Needless to say he rallied a bit by the time we arrived. We did opt out of the park picnic lunch afterwards with friends. Back to bed for the big guy.

The class was a hit. I really liked the teacher. The kids (about 14 of them) were very well behaved. I always chuckle when I see homeschooled kids raise their hands when asked questions. I wonder where they picked that up. Yesterday they painted landscapes. Well, my kids didn't paint landscapes but the others mostly did, lol. Izzy prefers to mix all her paints into one colour and just swirl in on her canvas. Alex isn't really artistic (rarely picks up markers or paint without being prompted to) but enjoyed starting a landscape. Half way through it didn't resemble anything so he gave up and just started doing abstract swirls like his sister.

Artists we are not. Though we appreciate the efforts of others. Alex made his way around the room, positively critiquing everyone's work. Next week will be sculpting with clay. This should be very interesting.

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