Monday, September 15, 2008

Top 5 Moments in Parenting

A post on a parenting website got me thinking. People were trying to come up with their best moments in parenting. A way to remind ourselves why we slug it out, everyday, in the trenches with these little rugrats. So Rob and I sat on the couch tonight, reminiscing about the good times, reminding each other of a few things we forgot. We excluded the obvious ones like births, holidays and firsts. Here's what we came up with, not necessarily in order of importance.

Izzy's first marshmallow roast. She refused to eat them but laughed like a demon possessed while setting them on fire and watching them burn. The highlight of her first camping experience.

Meteor shower last summer in the backyard. It was about 2am and I had just finished baking some homemade bread. I woke Alex up, tucked him in a warm blanket and we snuggled on a lawn chair eating hot bread smothered with butter. When I asked if he had any wishes he said "...only to have this hot yummy bread everyday".

Baking soda bomb experiment. With an insane amount of sandwich baggies on hand (one of the many hazards of shopping at Costco), and ample supply of baking soda and vinegar, we armed more than a dozen eager kids in the neighbourhood, not to mention their equally exuberant parents, with homemade explosives. I don't think we parents had ever laughed that much together with the kids still up and without any alcohol involved.

Tickle fights while mom and dad laze in bed. Usually instigated by those incorrigible tickle fingers. After all these years you would think the kids would figure out that a request from the TF-leader for a bellybutton conference is never a good idea.

Wacky car conversations. Such as Alex (newly 3) "tactfully" interrogating his aunt about a recent break-up. A chorus with silly variations on row, row, row your boat which lead to an interesting explanation in which Alex (4) explained how one might go about rowing a monkey up a stream in a most shocking manner. Recently, Alex (5) and Izzy (2) discussing family trees, as it pertains to the Star Wars saga, and why women die in childbirth. Izzy (2) after being asked if she would like to take dance lessons, "Do I get new shoes?" ...and countless others we can't recall off hand that have shocked and amused.

Ah, that felt good. Nothing like warm fuzzy memories to help you forget this evening's food fight with your two year old.

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