Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Post - First day of Not Going Back to School

Yesterday was the annual Not Going Back to School gathering at the Ontario Science Centre. It is something we look forward to, especially since we hadn't been back there since last September.

I should have known luck wasn't on my side though. Alex was sick earlier in the week. Nothing serious, the only symptoms being a fever and feeling lethargic. It passed within 24 hours. Izzy just wasn't quite herself that morning. She still wanted to go so I made a deal with the kids. We would head out and try to make it until lunch. If Izzy was still feeling crummy than we would head back. We almost made it. After an hour and a bit, while playing outside with some good friends, Izzy started fading. We hopped in the car and headed home. Later that afternoon her fever had set in too.

All was not lost though. We got to play for a bit in the KidSpark area and see the new Space addition. In the car Alex read to us from his new National Geographic Magazine and we discussed the possibility of a bee heaven and then tested each other on what was a predator and what was prey. The thought of humans being prey to anyone was very amusing to him. We have some of our best lessons in the car. Captive audience, I suppose.

We'll be heading back next week, probably. We bought another yearly membership. The last time we had a pass Izzy was just a baby. It is so nice to see her experience all this stuff now. I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday, Izzy's fever not withstanding.

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