Friday, September 19, 2008

Fevers, er...Beavers!

For some reason Izzy can't grasp that the group Alex belongs to is called Beavers. She is completely convinced it is Fevers. Also, because she got a new outfit for dance and then Alex got a special outfit for Beavers, she thinks his must involve dancing too. She really gets me laughing when she talks about Alex's dance Fevers. This is the wonderful logic of a two year old.

Alex did well in his first group meeting. Parents had to stay and be read the rules & regulations by the leaders. He had fun. I heard him laughing and running around the room next door. The only minor issues were lack of previous knowledge of ceremonies and songs. He hates not knowing what is going on and will fudge his way through it. I could see him frustrated, trying to sing along with a well known song, following a word or two behind. Fatigue was a problem partly because bedtime is usually around 7pm and Beavers run a bit later than that and, additionally, he was really excited about Beavers and worked himself up all day long. Then there was the bizarre, irrational fear that he was going to get homework, lol. We've signed up for a lot of classes this year and he thought Beavers was a class. Plus a lot of his buddies are stuck doing homework at night.

I think he is going to really enjoy it. The activities they are participating in are right up his alley. He has already bonded with a few of the boys and one his neighbourhood friends is in the group too. Should be a great year!

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