Sunday, September 14, 2008

This one's for Izzy

Izzy specifically requested that I take her picture and put it on the computer. So I must or I will hear about it, loudly, tomorrow. Vain little one, she is.

Rob took Izzy to her first dance class on Saturday. I really, really wanted to go but was flat on my back in bed. Darned sinus cold! I did help her get dressed before she left though. She was so excited. A half an hour of ballet and then a half hour of Jazz. She came home all excited, showing me her latest moves (the butterfly - fluttering around the room and the castle - crouching down and tucked in) and the fantastic stamps on her hand.

The best part of all - the misty look on Rob's face when he got home. His baby girl was prancing around a dance studio, loving every minute of it. She was not one of the kids running out of the room or crying for a parent. A big deal for us seeing as she was the clingiest, shyest kid we'd ever seen just a few short months ago. She tip-toed across the floor, proudly, occasionally sending Rob an excited wave. He was so proud. I forgot how sentimental he could get sometimes. Almost as sweet as Izzy in her tutu.

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