Sunday, August 16, 2009

What has Izzy been up to?

Other than testing our sanity. Well, quite a bit actually.

School starts in 22 days. Well, her entrance interview in is 22 days and the kindy classes start up, officially, 2 days after that. And boy, does she want to be prepared. I have images in my head of her cramming for finals, stressing over her quest for perfection. She is her mother's daughter.

There are the workbooks. You know - circle the biggest sheep, colour the triangles green, put the pictures in order. There are the flash cards - numbers, lower and upper case alphabet. And writing. So much writing. She is addicted to the two white boards I have on the kitchen wall.

She is trying to read books to me, like Alex does. Which is me reading a book to her and then she goes over it again with me, using memory and a bit of improvisation. She also likes to recite the letters she sees on books, signs or any place else really.

Another favourite activity is playing around with the Magnetix. The kids love them. Izzy likes to make shapes for us.

She is working very hard. I can't help but laugh that she doesn't want to "homeschool" but is homeschooling quite a bit these days (more so than Alex) in order to get ready for school. Silly kid. She will be one of the youngest kids (not 4 until November) in her class and has already blown through the JK curriculum. I hope the social aspect is enough to keep her from getting bored.

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