Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Sign that Summer is Almost Over

The kids did their last oral book report for the summer reading program at the library. We started two weeks late but they still managed to do seven reports each. They now have their golden tickets to the party next week.

I have to mention what a fabulous job Izzy did with her reporting. Her answers to the questions about her books were informed and enthusiastic. Alex did well too but has a more difficult time articulating thoughts when put on the spot. He has to be reminded to relax and just talk about the book. It is amazing to see how different his comprehension of fiction versus non-fiction are. He can recite thousands of facts from science or history books but is a bit slower at processing story-lines, especially those that have to do with emotions versus action. His best reports were done on the level 3 and 4 Star Wars books where he could talk at length about battles and strategies. I don't know if it's an Alex thing or a Y chromosone thing.

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