Sunday, August 16, 2009


Not only I am gardening, almost as shocking as me fishing, but I am babysitting plants for my neighbours. Her herbs, to be more specific. I will try to use restraint over how much I "borrow".

My roma tomatoes have gone crazy! I will have more than enough for spaghetti sauce, salsa and bruschetta. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

My peppers have been brutally assaulted by slugs. Being a rookie I didn't really take care of them as I ought. I did put some slug bait down a few days ago. Maybe I can salvage a few peppers. They didn't touch my jalapenos though. Too spicy, I guess.

My true beauty is the raspberry bush. It is huge! One of the stalks is over 6 feet now. I have 4 or 5 shoots from it, some nearing 4 feet. Every few days Izzy goes out and grabs a small handful of berries. Don't tell Alex.

The weeds have been driving me nuts though. I suppose that is their job. The vegetable bed is clear but some real prickly buggers keep getting into the rose bushes. I have to wait until Fall now to really get in and clean it all up. I am attempting to thread the roses through the fence so it will be a real pretty sight when they flower next year.

One weed I have kept around is the milkweed. We've had quite a few monarch butterflies around the yard. We've clipped 5 leaves with eggs on them and will attempt to raise them. I'll save that post for another day though.

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