Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School Shopping

Today was blow all my money at the mall day. It started innocently enough. I just needed to see if I could find an outfit to make Alex look like a pioneer for the children's program in September. I found a great hat, some khaki pants, a plaid shirt and suspenders. I also wanted to see if Payless finally had their BOGO sale. Score! Each kid got two shiny new pairs of shoes. Actually, runners for the Y and homeschool gym classes and for Izzy to keep as inside shoes at school. We also happened across some great sales at Old Navy and The Children's Place. I don't think I spent more than $10 on one single pair of pants or shirts. We did well. Izzy could use a bit more but it's a start.

I think, or just assume, that taking care of supplies will be pretty easy this year. It is just Kindergarten - how much could they need? Izzy has her shoes and her backpack. Something to put her snacks in. They both would have needed clothes and shoes anyway - damned growth spurts! The biggest costs are yet to come - Beavers, art classes, gym classes, etc... My pocketbook is starting to dread September as much as it does December.

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