Saturday, May 16, 2009

A question answered...

Once in a while I pop by an old chat room for homeschoolers. Today a parent asked what the kids were into these days. Since I often feel like I don't record enough of the details of what our day-to-day school'ish behavior entails I thought it would be nice to look back at this snippet, just to see what floated their boats in the Spring of 2009.

What are your kids into?

Alex (6) - Computer games/internet surfing, doodle books, reading (mainly non-fiction), Lego, Swimming, The Big Bang and creation of universe/planets, magnets, electricity, Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones for the Wii, math - specifically multiplication and place values, piano.

Izzy (3 1/2) - Number recognition, writing letters, baking with mommy, ballet, reading (not on her own), mazes, cutting and gluing collages, potty training, painting, photography, learning about the cycle of life and death, prepping for school in the Fall.

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Kez said...


Found your blog on a google search. We're also relaxed, secular, eclectic homeschoolers with an almost 7yo boy. We're in Australia.

I've enjoyed reading your blog.