Saturday, May 30, 2009

Experiences of a virgin dance parent

There are many worlds that are foreign to me and nothing can be further out of my comfort zone than the world of dance. A seemingly benign thing, beautiful little children learning to dance. For the novice who neither participated in dance classes or knew others who did, I got one heck of a shock. Stage parents bribing their kids to dance better. Hundreds of dollars spent of costumes. Early photo calls for class pictures. 8am on a Sunday morning early. Two 5x7 pictures of my daughter for $40. Whenever I look at them I will remember the fight over her hair and make-up after I woke the poor child up for her early morning appointment. A line-up that began at 5:30am (I wish I was making this up) for a 6pm box office opening to purchase tickets for the dance recital(s) the low cost of $15/seat.

At the last class before the recital, the mothers were in the adjoining sitting room and laughing over all the money being spent with a high possibility of the girls getting on stage and doing nothing due to stage fright.

I was wondering what the heck we were doing there. Izzy just wanted to dance.

***Will post again in a few weeks about recital once I get the video back. She had a blast and wants to perform again! Maybe worth the headaches mentioned above.***

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