Friday, January 22, 2010

The "Mensa" Co-op

Apparently, this is the nickname given to us by the husband of one of our members. Funny and probably a little true. We aim for the brass ring.

Today's co-op was awesome! It was the one I have wanted to do ever since I heard about a group in Mississauga doing it. A couple of moms made a comet out of dry ice, ammonia, sand and corn syrup. Then it was put in a display where the sun (with holes poked through and a blow dryer attached) slowly melts it. As it melts and the gases are expelled it forms a tail. Though the tail wasn't as big as we would have liked, it was still very cool.

One of the other projects was to create craters. We took containers with flour and a little hot chocolate sprinkled on top and dropped different size marbles from different heights and angles creating the crater, rim and ejecta blanket surrounding them. The kids learned why we can see so many craters on the moon (negligent atmosphere doesn't break them up or slow them down upon entry) but they are hidden on Earth (due to our weather, the shifting plates and a large surface area of water).

Other activities were using ball bearings and magnets to see what forces cause objects to hit one planet and not others.

I just love this co-op. I especially love the days we do science stuff!!

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Butterfly said...

Awesome! This is especially encouraging as I'm thinking of starting a coop with other bright young buttons (but not exclusively Mensans). Would love to hear more about your group!