Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Favourite Things!!!

I am killing time between coats of paint and really am not interested in the big pile of dirty laundry ;-)

My iPhone. Rob and I each got a 16gig 3Gs phone and we may love them more than each other. Techie families with gadget obsessions are the the worst! Yesterday, Rob called me from work while I was chatting with a neighbour. I interrupted her to answer the phone, thinking it must be important because he has only texted me from the office since we got them. Turned out he just wanted to say hi, lol.

Bananagrams. We have had this game for about 2 years but I had no idea how fun it was until my sister-in-law noticed we had it and showed us the game. Addictive and so much fun. I had just been using the tiles to practice reading and spelling with the kids. We break this game out so much I bought another pack to add extra players.

Angie Sage. Alex burned through her Araminta Spookie books in record time and we are starting the Septimus Heap books.

The colour cornmeal. It is what I am painting my kitchen right now and I love it!!! It is so bright and warm. Now I just need to pick some $*#&%# colours for the rest of the house. Not my forte!

Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos Tea. OMG. It is fantastic! I am a real tea fanatic and have about 20 different kinds in my cupboard right now. Not to mention a fancy, schmancy tea maker on the counter. I had it in a latte last night and wow, it is like dessert in a cup.

My new MEC Shoulder Bag. I have had many purses but this bag is the bee's knees. Holds everything I need. Great organization compartments. Love the handle on it. Don't think I have ever spent just $19 on a hand bag but this is my favorite by far. I love all our MEC stuff. Won't buy a backpack from any where else.

Clean Eating Magazine. I love magazines though I don't buy many any more. Too many ads in most. I used to like Cooking Light but I find they have more articles and less food these days. Clean Eating, I think, is one of the best healthy food magazines out there. I keep every subscription and have tried many of their recipes. Excellent read!

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. A bread cookbook by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. I have mentioned this book in other posts. This is the book with my pizza and white bread recipe. The one everyone loves and people beg me to make for them. So simple, and truly works every time. Just picked up their new book, Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a day but haven't made anything in it yet due to the tail end of the kitchen reno. Place is tarped up like a Dexter kill room. Another favourite thing, by the way. Loved that show since the first episode aired in 2006. One of my all time favourite tv shows.

I'll come back and add more if I can think of anything else!

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