Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Few Truths About Me:

Inspired by some fellow hs bloggers (Kez and Butterfly plus many others, I am sure!).

I have pretty much stopped watching the news. I know about Haiti and feel horrified for the people there...and will try to give in ways that I can...but life is so much less stressful since I stopped watching news. I read a little online and keep up to date on the big stuff. I used to get so worked up - angry at politicians, sad for the babies that lost their lives to crazy parents, disgusted by drunk drivers that kill a family of 4, etc... I still have those feelings but I can't invest so much emotion to all the sadness and horrors in this world 24-7. Sometimes I feel a little stupid hearing something important second hand but not enough to jump back into the abyss.

I need to lose a lot of weight. A lot. Down 25lbs right now but a long way to go. Not stressing over it. For me it is all about health. I could care less about bikini wear ;)

I love food. Okay, not a secret. Not just eating food, but cooking food and feeding others. I am a genuine food snob. Do not bring parmesan cheese in a can into my house. Or any kind of "helper" for some form of meat. Or fish sticks. I don't think my kids even know what a fish stick is. My almost 7 year old loves quinoa and asks for the sushi with fish eggs on top.

Dare I say it? Only Rob knows this so far, I think, but...I love Jane Austen Fan Fiction. There, I said it. Good ones - and there are a few. Sure, Austen would probably be horrified at what is out there (and I have to say that while I had high hopes for Pride, Prejudice and Zombies it was a real disaster) there are some really good writers who just will never get paid to write this stuff. I can remember being a kid, reading a book that really grabbed me and thinking about alternative situations for those characters and plot. What can I say? I just love it.

I love movies. As a teen I think I saw almost one a week in the theater. My favourites are period pieces, zombie movies (hence the PP&Z book), end of the world movies (much to Rob's chagrin, lol), dark comedies and some sci-fi (like the new Star Trek or Serenity). That last one is a late introduction to my repertoire and is really just what happened after living with my husband for over a decade.

I come from a pretty mentally unstable family of origin. So unstable that I cut off all ties with my parents about 6 years ago - no contact at all. This sounds really bad and depressing but it is not. I am happy, healthy and have worked this out many years ago with the help of my therapist. I am usually pretty open about this but I tend not to write about it on this blog. Kind of bums people out.

I love a clean and tidy house. I just have no interest in doing anything to keep it that way. I hate house cleaning. Almost as much as my husband which, frankly, is a lethal combination. I'd hire a house keeper but I am fussy about my stuff being touched.

I love massages. Real ones by professionals. I can't do it though because I am so ticklish. Nothing like a squirming client on the table to make you regret career choices.

I really, genuinely do not care what other people think. Thanks to a few years of therapy. Conflict, however, is a whole other issue. I hate arguments and confrontation. Makes me sick to my stomach. I have to mute the tv when people on it are yelling at each other. Those morons who yell at people all the time on the Fox network are living my idea of hell.

I think I was born an atheist. Never once have I been able to believe in God. I wanted to a few times but it just isn't in there. My dad is an atheist and my mother roman catholic. My brother and I each chose a side. I had an amazing upbringing in this regard. Atheist dad was really good friends with a priest, who adored me and let me participate in all sorts of religious rituals. I went to a catholic school up to grade 6. My dad got his degree in religion at university. There were always discussions going on. It was fantastic. I love the ritual and ceremony that comes with religion and the community too. I just can't get into the god part.

I talk and write too much. But you knew that already. :)


yofed said...

Thank you so much for sharing! :D

Butterfly said...

Great to read more about you! Like you, I hate conflict and I don't watch much news.

What do you write, besides your blog? Any fan fiction? Maybe I'm naive but I hadn't even heard that term before. Cool.

M.J. said...

Thanks Butterfly,

I haven't written in a while but I prefer my own fiction and just reading the fan-fic stuff. I came across it by accident but got hooked, lol! So far my writing consists of many bits of stories that I'd like to turn into novels...some day.

Kez said...

Thanks for being brave and joining in!

I got one of the Jane Austen fan fictions for Xmas (Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters) but haven't started it yet. I have to admit I'm not a huge Jane Austen fan - it was killed for me by studying it at school :(