Friday, January 22, 2010

In The Car on the Way Home from Julia's....

Izzy: I am going to marry Rowan. He asked me and I said yes.

Alex: Ughhhh...

Me: What Alex, I thought you liked Rowan? Why can't he marry your sister?

Alex: Because they would be a bad combination together. It is just a terrible idea.

Me: Why?

Alex: Because he took Izzy and Eliana's toys and hid them in his room. If they get married he might end up taking Izzy's toys and hiding them in his room.

Izzy: No. I don't care. I am marrying Rowan.

Me: So, where are you going to live if you get married?

Izzy: Well, we will live in an apartment. Then move to another apartment. Then buy a house.

Me: How? You need money. Who is going to go to work every day.

Izzy: Rowan.

Izzy: Hey mommy, you and daddy were friends before you got married right?

Me: Yes, we met at University.

Izzy: Were you friends when you were kids like me and Rowan and then got married when you were a grown up?

Me: No, we didn't know each other as kids but daddy was still a teenager when we met.

Izzy: Well, we are getting married.

Me: Can Eliana be a bridesmaid?

Izzy: Maybe.

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Butterfly said...

I thought mine was the only family to have such in depth childhood discussions about marriage! It started when my kids were barely toddlers.

Mr 5 has talked for 2 years about marriage, and has declared to us his intention to marry a girl at our church, who is now 8. He gets all cute about it. None of us have told Miss 8. She adores my son, but a proposal might be just too much! Meanwhile, I keep the photos of her nursing him as a baby, just in case it actually happens one day!