Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Day in the Life

I keep meaning to do this. A photo journal of what we are up to. Each day couldn't be more different than the last but many activities overlap. This was a day last week. It makes me laugh when I think back to it.

Start with stickering Izzy. The girl is forever covering her body with marker and stickers. A tattoo junkie in the making, we suspect. Thought it would be fun to use the letter stickers to name parts of her body. When Rob tucked her in that night she still had "IZZY" stuck to her forehead, lol.

Then the kids played with Alex's box car he made for Beavers. Tonight they bring the boxes back to watch a movie at the drive-in. Very cute.

Then Alex plays Lego...

...while Izzy gets into my make-up doing a bang up impression of a garish divorcee.

And the day wouldn't be complete without a total disaster. This one being the "tent/cave" they made. This room was completely clean the day before. They even raided the dirty clothes hamper to cover up cracks where the it was being infiltrated by light. Mommy was not impressed. Such a headache for an hours worth of peace. Only when they make a mess of this magnitude are they so cooperative and quiet.

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