Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stick a fork in it, its done!

No, not the kitchen. and Rob. Tired. Fried. Done. We need a break.

There are so many little things left to do with the kitchen that if we think too hard about it, one of us is going to curl up into a fetal position and start crying in the middle of it. A small silver lining is that it is fully up and functional. We even moved the table back in. Tonight we sat together for our first meal (restaurants not included) since boxing day. Oy! The kids and I even baked a cake for a little celebration. I will say it is a joy to cook in.

So, now that the kitchen is basically a kitchen again, this week we reclaim the living room. Just in time too. We canceled the cable because Izzy is quite the little addict, and Rob and I hardly turn the thing on anymore, so as of tomorrow I`ll be needing reinforcements. Board games, books (I won't go into how bad I feel about neglecting read-aloud books to the kids...thankfully Alex can read on his own and we've discovered audio books), crafts and everything else that has pretty much been banned these last four weeks. Poor neglected kids! It will be such a relief to not be so tied up. Alex was thrilled to just sit at the table and do some math work this morning. Which is great because he is pretty obsessed with adding big numbers these days. He is anxious to get moving.

I am ready for a vacation. Not that we're going anywhere. Just a week from running around or constantly working on the kitchen would be nice. We'll have to see how soon Rob can clear some space on his calendar. Soon.

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