Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Iz

She is something these days. Yes, she is still a handful but there have been a few milestones. She is writing like crazy. Upper and lower case. She can whip off her name faster than Alex. Actually, very soon she will out pace her older brother. Though Alex's spelling and typing is coming along nicely. She recognizes all her letters except for mixing up lower case b and d. She is starting to sound out words and has been tinkering at the piano now that she recognizes certain notes.

Even better still, she is finally pooping on the potty! Happy days!!! She used to poop 2 to 4 times a day. When we switched to night diapers only, she held it in until bedtime. So we took away the night diapers. She held out for 3 days but after a long talk about constipation and the incentive of a cupcake from the bakery she caved. This is day 4 and I can now finally see the diaper-free days in our future.

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Julia said...

Hooray for Izzy!! Diaper-free is awesome! Our little girls have grown up so fast.