Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some gems I've been meaning to jot down. Some go back a ways, copied them from facebook.

On my birthday: Mommy its not fair that you and Alex have your birthdays near each other. I have to have mine with daddy. [insert pouty face] If you love me you will change it so our birthdays are together and Alex can go with daddy.

This morning after a particularly bad one, for all of us, as we are going out the door: (Alex) Mommy, I hope your days gets better! (Izzy) [Stomping her way past me] I don't!! That actually did make me laugh.

Last week: Mommy, how come I don't have back up dancers? I really need back up dancers!

In the car one day: She was telling Alex about a new game she invented: snatch-away. Her version of keep-away. She was mad when mommy and daddy wouldn't stop laughing.

Back in January: A child of the times? A computer/gaming addict in the making? (Izzy) Can E go on my sled with me tomorrow, even though it's not for 2 players?

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