Monday, January 19, 2009

A teeny, tiny glimmer of peace

I love my three year old very much. BUT, she has been driving me completely mad and is a real pain in the butt to live with these days. I try to remember that beneath the whining, the bossiness, the complaining and the tantrums lurks the little girl I adore. I try to remember that this three year old is teetering between the two worlds of toddler and child so I should cut her some slack. That she isn't really trying to give me gray hair. Or an aneurysm. Some days though...

Well, today was just like every other day lately. Trying. BUT, we had a moment. A few moments, actually, when we were outside, waiting for Alex to finish his piano lesson, when I held her in my arms and we stared up into the sky, watching the snow gently fall towards our faces. The sky was one colour, a perfect grayish white hue, and the flakes fell so slowly. Gently. We looked into each other's eyes, giggled at the tiny flakes that burrowed into our lashes, and stared into the sky some more. And me, feeling more serene than I have in weeks, thought, 'You and me kid, we're gonna be okay'.

Another moment I'll always cherish. Of course, ten minutes later, we were back in the car and little veins were bulging in my head from the bickering in the back seat but, at least, we had our moment.

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