Thursday, January 29, 2009


I love art class. What a difference a few months make. Especially where Izzy is concerned. At this age, they mature some skills almost overnight and I sometimes wonder where this little girl came from. Izzy has come a long way in art class. A few weeks back the kids did clay sculptures and Izzy's cat is so good most people don't think she actually did it. She listens well to the teacher this time around and takes her work very seriously. She takes her time and seems to enjoy the process.

Alex is still the same. He is the first kid to speak when a question is asked. He would rather socialize with the other kids. The teacher laughed when, once again, while painting Alex mixed all his colours together to see what he could come up with. Always this dark brown mess that the art teacher suggested he name as the colour Alex. It is funny to watch him. He doesn't dislike art class. He just would rather take more tangible things and put them together in some way. He loves Lego. He loves science experiments. He loves building things and discovering how things work. How to change things from one state to another. Taking a blank canvas and creating something one dimensional isn't his idea of a lot of fun.

Once again though, Alex made us proud...unintentionally. His rocket ship amused me to no end and I couldn't wait for Rob to see it. I was not disappointed! Rob got a hearty laugh out of it and then the inappropriate jokes started flying. His rocket has a distinctly phallic shape to it and the base of the ship had this spaghetti effect (by using a garlic press most kids used to make hair for their sculptures) that is meant to be jet vapours or fire burning out from the rocket boosters. Either way, it looks a little suspect. He'll get a kick out of this when he's all grown up, I'm sure.

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