Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Probably shouldn't say this out loud but... kids are getting along really well these days. They are sharing nicely. They are playing together all the time. Right now they are upstairs and have converted Izzy's bedroom floor to a giant picnic and are eating their breakfast together. No yelling, no fighting - just happy, co-operative children. Huh! I wonder how long this will last?

I think it helps that Izzy is three now. She has matured a lot recently. When I look at her face I can't find any trace of the old toddler, just a little girl. I catch myself staring at her, stunned at how old she looks. She still forgets the s sound when she speaks and has her fair share of tantrums but she is certainly no longer the baby.

I like this phase. I like not having to worry about naptime or carting strollers all over the place. I like that I can go out for hours now without a diaper bag (though potty training has been last on Izzy's to-do list). I like that I can go visit friends or hang at some indoor playground with a book and actually get to read it because they are off, busy playing.

Its nice being needed less. Those early years in parenting can be quite exhaustive and overwhelming. When we first ventured into homeschooling it seemed quite hard. Izzy made it hard - not intentionally, of course. I was told by several moms, wait - wait and see how much easier it gets. They were right. This is much easier and a whole lot more fun!

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