Thursday, November 27, 2008

For Kelly and Rich

Actually, more for Rich.

Alex has always prided himself on being adventurous with food. He'll eat anything - any time, any where...unless it is too spicy. Seaweed salad from the sample lady at Costco. Some strange green gunge, served to us compliments of the restaurant, that none of the four other adults would try but he dug into with gusto! Mushrooms and I can't remember what else in his oatmeal on a camping trip with Kelly and Rich. I believe it was Alex's earliest attempts to emulate and impress one of his idols (yep Rich, I mean you) that began this bizarre love affair with foods most children pinch their faces at.

Well, we nearly topped every other culinary delight yesterday with the most disgusting combination that can be known to mankind. Frosted flakes and Egg Nog! Blechhhhhhhh!!!!

I stopped him, of course. Not because he wouldn't like it but because just thinking about it (let alone smelling it) made me want to retch. I told him people all over the world would puke if they found out and, because he is a 5 year old boy, he laughed until egg nog nearly came out his nose. We agreed that while soy milk would be okay in cereal we had best leave egg nog aside.

I should be happy he is so experimental with his cuisine because the flip side would be Izzy who would live off of chicken nuggets and condiments if we let her. Perhaps I need to send her to uncle Rich for a while.

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Rich said...

Awwwww. I would have let him try his own concoction. I had a roommate who, during the Christmas season, ate his morning muesli with eggnog. I always thought I didn't care much for eggnog, but in my 29th year learned to like it thanks to his zest. Allowance and experimentation is the only way society grows, yeah? Today mushrooms in oatmeal; tomorrow McDonald's in Walmart; then who knows. Maybe even coffee in beer.